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Legalett - Air Heated Radiant Floors

The LEGALETT System is a Pre-Engineered Frost Protected Structural Concrete Slab Design used in Residential, Commercial and Institutional Construction.

  • LEGALETT is successfully used in almost every area of construction where comfort heating is required.
  • This includes residential, commercial, institutional, light industrial, and so on.
  • LEGALETT is becoming more and more specified as the foundation / heating system of choice.
  • LEGALETT is ideal for daycare facilities, schools, and retirement homes.
  • LEGALETT is the only radiant heat ICF foundation system in North America.

Warm Floors and Mould/Mildew Free Foundations with the LEGALETT Foundation Radiant Floor Heating System, Promote Healthy Indoor Air Quality and a Healthy Living Climate.

The Air-Heated LEGALETT Foundation

Pipes are cast into the concrete slab through which warm air is circulated through a heating unit. With the aid of a fan, the warm air travels through the pipes heating up the whole floor/foundation.

The system is simple, safe and economical! The only ICF foundation system in North America!

Warm Floors! No Moisture or Mildew!

The LEGALETT Radiant In-Floor Heating system.

  • Uses air as a safe heating medium.
  • Provides an even, comfortable healthy indoor climate.
  • Eliminates drafts, cold areas or hot spots.
  • Saves energy.
  • Is reliable, simple and safe.
  • Eliminates all risk of damage from moisture and mildew.
  • Offers major advantages during construction.

More information on the Legalett Slab on Grade system.

The Natural Way of Heating up a House.

Warm air is lighter than cold air and therefore rises. It is only logical that warm floors provide even comfortable heat in the whole room. An ordinary radiator or baseboard heater gives off a lot of heat, which quickly rises to the ceiling. The heat must be "forced" down towards the floor if you are to avoid cold feet. With the even heat distribution of the LEGALETT heated foundation, the indoor climate is extremely comfortable.

LEGALETT supplies air-heated floors. Our slab on grade design provides unique advantages for the building and building process. Air-heated floors are available, also, for basement and 2nd and 3rd storey pours.

Components of the Legalett System

Legalett North America

The first LEGALETT installation in North America was in 1988, in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. LEGALETT North America as we know it today was started in 1999, as an extension of LEGALETT International into Canada and the US. Legalett sells Air Heated Frost Protected Structural Foundations, Basements and Suspended Slabs.

There are Currently Over 20 Million Square Feet of LEGALETT Radiant Floor Heating Systems Installed Worldwide.

In Canada and the US, Legalett has supplied over 600,000 ft² of LEGALETT systems in over 500 buildings. This number is steadily increasing every year as more and more people are specifying LEGALETT as the healthy heating system of choice.


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