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ICF (Insulating Concrete Forms) Applications

There are many applications for using insulated concrete forms (ICF). Here are some examples:

Single Family Homes:

Since the increases in price and decline in quality of North-American lumber in the early 1990's, the use of ICFs in the U.S. housing market has skyrocketed . In fact, according to data collected by the Portland Cement Association, it has become the fastest growing alternative to wood frame for above-grade perimeter wall construction. The number of single family homes built from footing to eaves with ICFs has been increasing approximately 25% each year. In 2004, about 60,000 above-grade ICF homes were built in the U.S. About one-third of all ICFs sold are used in above-grade residential construction.

Multi Family Homes:

Townhouses and Condominiums represent a rising and significant application for ICFs. Due to the necessity for increased firewall protection and sound deadening between units in these structures, above grade ICF walls are becoming an increasingly popular and cost effective option for builders and developers

Residential Basements:

In cold climates, energy experts tell us up to 40% of a home's heat loss is through the ground. ICFs create the perfect basement walls for locking out winter, and keeping more warm, heated air inside. ICFs have been used for decades in foundations and basements throughout North America. Currently, about one-third of all ICFs sold are used in residential basements.

Non-Residential Buildings

About another third of all ICFs are used in non-residential construction, both for foundations and for above-grade walls. In addition to lowering the ongoing operating costs of the building due to the increase in energy efficiency, using ICFs for the entire structure can significantly decrease the construction cycle time, speeding up a project by weeks or even months. Non-residential uses of ICFs - for hotels and motels, retail and professional buildings, warehouses, schools and churches, theaters, and others - are a rapidly growing application.




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