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Vancouver Island, BC Residential ICF Project

Project Type
Three-Storey Custom Home
Single Family Residence

Project Specs
6300 Square Feet
5202 Square Feet of ICF Walls
100% of Exterior Walls built
with Arxx ICFs

Project Started – September 2002
Project Completed – July 2003

Project Details

  • This 6300 sq. ft. ICF home is located on five acres in the Yellow Point region of
    British Columbia’s Vancouver Island.
  • The home’s owner, Casey Timmermans, focused on utilizing the most efficient
    green building methods when planning for his home. In addition to choosing Arxx
    insulated concrete walls, Casey also decided to use R-80 insulation in the home’s ceilings and took considerable care choosing the home’s heating system.
  • An air source heat pump is used to heat the home’s hydronic floors, and a heat recovery ventilator has also been installed. ICF construction maximizes the use of any heating system, but this combination has allowed Casey to realize tremendous monthly cost savings, as evidenced by his utility bills during the winter of 2006 which averaged less than $250/month.
  • Since this home is located on five acres and has been built in a wooded area, fire safety is of paramount importance. In addition to the structure’s Arxx walls, the home owner took a number of unique protective measures. A flame retardant concrete tile roof was installed, plus a “fire buffer zone” was created by building a
    2400-gallon cistern in an insulated shed within walking distance of the building.


  • Energy Efficient - Arxx walls can produce equivalent insulation values of up to R-50. This means that you can use a smaller heating system and cooling system, and save up to and over 50% on your energy bills compared to a conventional home.
  • Strength & Security - Arxx walls can be designed to withstand wind speeds of up to 150 mph or more. Laboratory tests simulating hurricane storm damage demonstrate that an Arxx home can withstand wind-blown debris travelling at over 100 mph.
  • Comfort - Arxx insulated concrete walls virtually eliminate the “cold spots” that often occur in old fashioned frame walls, because your home is wrapped in a continuous layer of foam insulation.
  • Noise Reduction - The massive concrete core of an Arxx wall protects your home from external noise. An Arxx wall will reduce sound transmission into your home by 75-85% when compared to a conventional wood frame wall.


“We don’t need to reinvent the wheel, just put the pieces together a little bit differently. The technology is available, but we need to put it together with some smart economics. Green technology is just smart economics using what we have to save money and the environment.”
– Casey Timmermans, Home Owner

Arxx Installer
Roger Landry, Nanaimo, BC




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