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Eliminates Dampness, Mold, and Mildew

To Solve Mould and Mildew Problems, you need to Eliminate the Damp, Cool Areas, thus Eliminating the Breeding Ground for Mould from the Start.

LEGALETT does this by Providing Heat within the Slab and by Providing a Capillary Break between the Slab and the Ground.

The LEGALETT design eliminates the physical conditions necessary for the occurrence of dampness and the growth of mould and mildew in the foundation.

Dampness and mould problems can also arise in a foundation with floor heating if the foundation is constructed incorrectly with poor insulation. This can be the case when the supplier of the floor heating system does not take responsibility for the design of the entire foundation, including structural loads, insulation and heat distribution. LEGALETT TAKES RESPONSIBILITY FOR DESIGN / PLANNING, MATERIAL DELIVERY AND ON-SITE FOLLOW-UP.

To solve mould and mildew problems, you need to eliminate the damp, cool areas, and thus eliminate the breeding ground for mould from the start. LEGALETT does this by providing its low-level heating of the foundation AND the floor.

Heating the foundation and floor does two things to combat mould and mildew problems. The heating eliminates the coolness, and also drives away the moisture (since moisture moves away from heat), eliminating the dampness. Thus you have a warm and dry foundation, which is mould and mildew free.

The thickness of the insulation under the slab provides a capillary break against moisture migrating upwards from the soil in the summer months, when the ground may be warmer than the slab. Without this insulation, the slab might become moist and damp during the summer. With a heated slab, the use of a plastic vapor/air barrier is counterproductive, since the warm slab needs to be able to breathe and expel moisture to avoid moisture problems.

LEGALETT Eliminates Mould and Mildew from the Start, It is not Simply a Treatment!




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