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Legalett - A Green Product

Installing air heated floors by Legalett has it's benefits.

  • Use of recyclable materials (the main bulk of the System is EPS insulation, PVC/steel piping and reinforcing, all of which can be recycled).
  • Use of people friendly materials (warm concrete is one of the most friendly materials for the environmentally sensitive)
  • Reduction in energy requirements due to reduced energy consumption, reducing fossil fuel consumption and greenhouse gas production
  • Ability to passively collect and distribute solar energy for heating, reducing heating energy consumption
  • Ability to modulate summer temperature spikes, reducing the need for cooling energy consumption
  • Ability to reduce ventilation and resultant make-up air heating / cooling to the absolute minimum required for ventilation only (thus saving energy) during occupancy, while maintaining exceptional comfort (for assembly buildings)
  • Minimum impact on the environment due to elimination of frost walls and deep foundation drainage, leaving natural water tables unaffected (and the vegetation and trees that draw from it)

Legalett also offers extremely low maintenance costs due to the closed nature of the piping system and the simplicity of the equipment.




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